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Encode Your Flash SWF to AVI and MP4 Video Movies. Flash To Video Encoder converts any Macromedia
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23 January 2013

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This application converts Macromedia Flash swf to AVI and mp4 Video Movies.

Pros: Flash to Video Encoder helps convert flash movies to video format of your choice. This could be AVI, WMV, or MPEG encoded video. There is a long list of video encoders this program can handle. The list is almost all encompassing. Same is true of audio encoding possible with the software. Once again this contains almost all audio encoders. The conversion process is nearly automatic with some manual intervention possible. These include deciding what video and audio encoders are to be used. This is as simple as picking the item from a drop down list. One could choose the pixel size of the height and the width of the video to be produced.

The user interface is really very simple. File names for the flash file and the converted files are chosen first, followed by the type of video needed ( windows video, Windows media type or MPEG video) along with the choice of the codecs for video and audio conversion. One then chooses the size of the video to be produce, duration is automatically determined. The rest of the process is automatic after the start button is clicked. There’s a preview window to have a quick look at the result. Audio can be converted from the original swf files or a voice over can be done through the microphone interface of the computer.

Cons: Even though this is the English version of the program, the user interface was not completely translated. Many of the menu items, parameters etc were in German still.

One big difficulty with this kind of program is that it is very difficult to check out all the different codec combinations and also checking through the complete length of the video clips produced to detect any artifact produced in the conversion process. To have a complete sense of the quality of the application one would need to collect feedback from other users.

Overall: A well designed, simple to use application, it has a huge collection all possible codec for video as well as audio. This is a 3 star application.

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Encode Your Macromedia Flash (SWF) Movies to AVI Video Flash To Video Encoder converts any Macromedia Flash (SWF files) to video movie AVI or mp4 file. The converting process allowing human interaction on Flash content during conversion. Create your own video or dvd collection by converting with Flash To Video Encoder your favourite flash movies. Record the passing of your favorite flash game to video file and save it to the future. Also you able to convert Flash SWF files to MP4 media content for your mobile devices.
Flash To Video Encoder
Flash To Video Encoder
Version 5.1.37
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